A practice management suite built by and for behavioral health clinicians.


EMR-Bear is a Web-based electronic health record service designed specifically by, and for, behavioral health organizations.

Its features include:

  • Complete revenue cycle management
  • Smart scheduling
  • Decision-tree diagnostic supports
  • A treatment planning wizard
  • Electronic prescriptions
  • An integrated telehealth portal
  • eFaxing
  • Appointment reminders
  • Comprehensive clinical, financial and productivity reporting

EMR-Bear provides all of these features in an agile, intuitive, and highly-customizable software as a service package.

Every feature and functionality built into EMR-Bear has been carefully designed to ensure the highest quality of data integrity and usability. Our goal is to not only uphold and support your standards of care through the use of our system, but to actually help elevate them. Our invitation to our clients is the opportunity to “Go better than paperless”.

Company Values

EMR-Bear was born out of the need of one of our founding partners, Dr. Jim Heneghan, who was in the process of building a tele-health practice for child, adolescent, and adult psychiatry in underserved community in the Southwest. Given the large stretches between these frontier towns, access to board-certified psychiatrists can be scarce and tele-health is often the only way for families living to access their services. From these beginnings, EMR-Bear has evolved into a scalable, cloud-based system that can accommodate small group practices to enterprise-size community mental health organizations and is currently used to manage, document, and bill for a wide array of behavioral health services.

What sets us apart is our personalized, consultative service that helps our users harness our system to uphold best practices, paired with our firm commitment to making the work of healthcare practitioners as efficient, high-quality, and profitable as possible.


While the core capabilities of EMR-Bear make it a comprehensive stand-alone system for managing, documenting and billing for any behavioral health service, its friendly API and agile infrastructure design allow you to easily combine the power of EMR-Bear with other products offering complimentary services and features.

We are also happy to provide our client agencies with recommendations for some such service providers that we have vetted and have determined provide the level of quality and service for which EMR-Bear is known.

Other Useful Tools & Resources

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