Get More Reviews

Generate, manage, and monitor online reviews.


Get More Reviews is a marketing software company that gives local business owners an easy way to generate, manage, and monitor their online reviews. Our system also enables local business owners to build, protect and showcase their online reviews.

Get More Reviews helps businesses:

  • Monitor online reviews across multiple review sites
  • Easily generate new reviews from new or long-time customers
  • Promptly respond to new reviews as they are published
  • Showcase their best reviews in their website and social media marketing

Every year, online reviews become more and more important - particularly for small and medium sized local businesses who are competing with larger chains, and may not have ever focused on “review gathering” from their customers. Today’s consumer has more information available to them than ever before, and recent research shows that 88% of consumers say they trust online reviews as much as a personal recommendation. It’s clear that the power of a business’ “star rating” has never mattered more.

The problem is that most local business owners have many happy customers, but don’t consistently ask for reviews. In addition, the end consumer doesn’t always know how to leave an online review, even if the business owner asks them to! Take my mother, for example :) -who recently told me her electrician asked her to leave him a Google review. While she loved his service, she had no idea what she was actually supposed to do to “leave a Google review”.Our software solves that problem by automating the process of following up with customers and asking for reviews. This makes the process easy for the business owner, and easy for the consumer. Our clients are mostly small and medium sized local businesses that are becoming more and more savvy about digital marketing, and have begun to understand that online reviews are a vital piece of that puzzle.

Usually, our clients know that they have a sizable customer base who are pleased with their experience, but the business has not had the tools or workflow in place to systematically ask those customers to leave an online review. Although we can service businesses of any size, our clients are typically brick-and-mortar businesses with less than 5 physical locations. From your local plumber and car mechanic, to the neighborhood family doctor and real estate agent, we truly serve the “Mom and Pop business around the corner.”  That said, in the past 12 months we have expanded our business and now serve customers in the US, Canada, the UK, and Australia. We also have started to work with more franchise owners and business owners who own a string of related or unrelated businesses. In addition, we serve other marketing agency owners that may provide services like web design or online advertising, but don’t have a good way of managing online reviews for their clients.These agencies become agents for our business, incorporating our platform into their offerings and selling it to their clients on our behalf.

Company Values

My partners and I started this business after working together for several years at a company that provided marketing and tech applications in the niche market of community pharmacies.There we got a small taste of what it is like to work with genuine local business owners who are struggling with running a business while trying to keep up with “digital trends”. We started Get More Reviews in an attempt to provide real value to these business owners.

We specifically chose to focus on online review generation because there are some very real profound benefits to online reviews. Our software is a product with tangible results - if a business uses it, they will get more online reviews from their customers. Online reviews have a huge impact on how a business appears online.


Get More Reviews integrates with Zapier.

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