HealthPac Computer Systems

Flexible billing software integrated with scheduling & front office tools.


Healthpac Computer Systems, Inc. has been in the medical billing industry since 1981, with over 37,000 providers that are submitting claims out of the Healthpac software daily.

Healthcare organizations face growing demands on all sides. Whether you are a medical billing company, laboratory, or private practice the challenges facing staff are the same. Healthpac can help you bring your organization to the next level by giving your employees powerful automated processes that will help them to complete their job functions effectively and in a timely manner.

Healthpac has innovative software that will meet the demands of all those involved in your business - patients, clients, physicians, executives, employees, and owners. Uniquely, most of Healthpac's employees, trainers and developers have extensive medical billing background, as they have worked within a practice as a practice administrator and some have even owned their own billing companies, before working at Healthpac. This experience allows for deeper understanding in the development and training of our software.

Company Values

Healthpac Computer Systems, Inc. is a nationally recognized leader in healthcare billing software development.

The company was founded in 1981 by B. D. Claborn Jr., specifically to address the growing needs of billing professionals in the ever changing healthcare industry. Healthpac has been a leader since its inception in designing and implementing highly efficient and effective healthcare billing software. Since our initial installation in 1981 with a neurological group, we have fought to keep pace with, and exceed, the demands so necessary to survive in the complex healthcare billing environment. Incidentally, as a testimony to our success, that first client is still a loyal and successful client to this date. It is rare to find that kind of loyalty today, and speaks volumes to our level of service to clients.


Healthpac has built standard and customized HL7 interfaces for several of our current partnered vendors as well as many hospitals and EHR companies. We have also developed strategic relationships with many partners to provide a great all-inclusive package for our customers.

The partnerships that Healthpac has worked to establish will enhance our product offering and thus greatly improve your clinical and financial workflow. These companies were chosen by Healthpac's vendor integration team based on the vendor's commitment to customer service and making the overall integration as seamless as possible.

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