An interactive, video-based patient education and engagement platform


Rendia is an established medical software as a service (SaaS) company committed to improving the patient experience and driving practice success. We help practices:

  • Grow revenue potential
  • Enhance staff productivity
  • Build a strong reputation for top-notch care.

Our mission is to equip health care professionals with the tools to master patient engagement at every step—from websites to waiting areas; consultation rooms to kitchen tables. We help our practices find success through building trust and confidence in doctors’ recommendations, empowering staff, and satisfying patients.

Our interactive, video-based solution strengthens the doctor-patient relationship allowing practices to effectively and efficiently educate patients to make informed health decisions. The platform is advertisement-free and completely customized for each client's workflow.

Over 8,000 providers rely on Rendia for their patient-focused care delivery strategy and benefit from increased conversion rates, smoother daily operations, and happier patients.

Company Values

At Rendia, we believe that collaboration leads to the best quality product for our customers and the best working environment for ourselves. We’re always here to support you and each other.

We believe that creativity is finding a better way, and innovation is making it a reality. We focus on both the process and the outcome.

We act with integrity - we make consistent decisions based on doing right by people - both customers and co-workers. Quality is our reputation.


Rendia is a flexible platform that easily integrates with your existing systems. Whether you want to deploy videos in a patient portal, link to playlists via templates in your EHR, or include content in your patient recall system, you can pull Rendia content into other platforms.

If there is a platform that you are currently using and want to make sure we integrate with it, the best thing to do is ask. If we currently do not have a relationship with that company we are happy to reach out and to see how we could potentially create a partnership.

Other Useful Tools & Resources

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