Strados Labs

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Strados Labs offers:

  • A patent-pending smart biosensor patch
  • A connected software platform
  • Passive, objective, and remote monitoring of patients’ lung health in real-time

Strados Labs technology allows care teams to gain critical insights into lung health throughout the entire patient journey so they can properly monitor signs and symptoms and reduce the risk of an expensive and frightening re-hospitalization.

Company Values

Strados Labs offers a proprietary end-to-end solution uniquely addressing the challenge of recognizing signs and symptoms of respiratory disease, tracking respiratory health trends and effectively communicating these trends back to providers to help avoid costly adverse events.

Strados unique value proposition lies in the ability to monitor key pulmonary changes using a patent-pending acoustic biosensor and user-friendly platform throughout the entire patient journey, thus enhancing clinical management of at-risk patients and improving quality of care.


  • Strados sensors transmit respiratory data via Bluetooth back to a base station via a smartphone or tablet.
  • The cloud-based system offers a simple integration into existing chronic care management platforms or direct EHR integration with all major EHR vendors.
  • The flexible wearable sensors can be recharged every 5 days and used throughout the entire patient journey.

We pair key respiratory data with clinical outcomes, medication usage, patient-reported symptoms and environmental data to gain insights into lung function remotely and in real-time.

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