A web development & digital marketing automation platform.


Vitris is a digital marketing automation platform, giving small practice owners the tools currently only afforded to larger businesses such as:

  • Professionally designed websites
  • Local search engine optimization
  • Content marketing for increased site traffic

Medical practices don’t always have the time to utilize DIY tools, money to pay full service digital marketing agencies, or technical knowledge to guide themselves. Vitris is here to provide equal, high quality service at an affordable rate.

Company Values

Our mission at Vitris is to accelerate the growth of entrepreneurship around the world. It all starts here in Philadelphia, the largest poor city in the United States with over 25% of the population living below the poverty line. The city has a majority minority population while the surrounding suburbs have more wealth, better public schools and are predominantly white. This is a trend that not only affects Philadelphia but also the rest of the country and will only grow as automation replaces the lower paying jobs.

We believe entrepreneurship is an effective vehicle to address this inequality. By providing affordable cutting edge digital marketing solutions to small business owners, we’re giving everyone a better chance at success.


Vitris currently doesn't have any integrations into EHRs. However, we work very closely with every client to make sure their needs are met.

Other Useful Tools & Resources

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